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Competency Framework: Making It Relevant for Your Company

Competency Framework – Making It Relevant for Your Company

 When designing a competency framework, this should be kept in mind that only measurable components are to be considered.

It’s critical to keep the quantity and complexity of competencies under control, with no more than 12 for any given role (ideally fewer), and clustering them to make the framework more user-friendly.

Definitions and examples of each competency should be included in the framework, especially where varying levels of performance for each of the required behaviors are involved. 

The level of detail is a significant component of all competency frameworks.

If a framework is too broad; considering it includes general statements about individual competencies, it will fail to provide enough direction for both employees and managers who must evaluate their employees against these criteria.

On the other hand, if it is too thorough, the entire process becomes overly bureaucratic and time-consuming, and the process may lose credibility.

⚡️ Creating Impactful Competency Framework

Several types of competencies that may be included in the competency framework are discussed below.

Core Competency

Support the organisation’s beliefs and mission. They usually apply to all positions within the company. 

Common Competency

The term “common competencies” refers to a set of skills that are applicable to a variety of jobs. Strategic awareness, leading a team, and controlling team performance are some examples of managerial roles.

Technical or Job Specific Competency

Apply to certain positions, a ‘job-family,’ or a ‘job function,’ inside an organisation. They define any technical competence required and evaluate the depth and breadth of that expertise.

Leadership Competency

Leadership Competency includes skills and behaviours that contribute to leadership performance. Organisation’s may better identify and train their next generation of leaders by employing a competency-based approach to leadership.

On the other hand, future business trends and strategies should stimulate the development of new leadership skills. While some leadership skills are universal, an organisation should identify which leadership characteristics are unique to it in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Meta Competency

Refers to the hiring of high-potential employees who the company wants to promote & evolve into senior management positions in the next five to ten years. 

 ⭐️ Competency Framework Enables Competitive Advantage

Building the right framework enable the organisation to plan & work towards future business plan based on capability needs.

If done perfectly, this creates human capital advantage that translates into competitive advantage.

If your organisation is yet to develop or review competency framework since the start of covid, it’s time to do so to ensure human capital competitiveness vs the changing external environment.

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