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OKR Performance Management Startup Technology
OKR Start Ups

Benefit of OKR for Start Ups

What Is OKR?

OKR is better known as Objective Key Results, it is a management method popularized by Google to expand their business!

Challenges Faced By Fast Growing Start Ups

As a start up team expand quickly to support growth, more new team members are hired to execute task with no clarity on how their action supports organization objective (due to the rush to hire and get things done). This then resulted in;

❌ Lack of focus for team and company
❌ Lack of ownership to move company forward
❌ Misalignment in terms of understanding of success
❌ Teams moving in different direction
❌ Lack of transparency & communication on what leads to results

These are the major people-related headache faced by start ups that are growing exponentially!

How OKR Can Help Start Ups?

OKR helps start ups and business owner or team manager by enabling them to; 

🎯 Define growth – too often leaders get too caught up with activities that they don’t even know here to start

🎯 Create alignment amongst other members that need to contribute – a shared effort starts with a shared understanding

🎯 Keep close track of the progress – so leaders can act upon new developments and intervene whenever necessary

Feel free to view the below attached video for more information about OKR and do drop by our Performance Tracker page to find out more about our OKR focused application.

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