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Effective Competency Assessment by Line Manager

4 Steps To Enable Line Manager to Perform Competency Assessment Effectively

Line managers have a critical role not only in managing people & operations on a day-to-day basis, but they are also responsible for implementing organizational policies & supporting the development of their teams. This is especially true in organizations that delegate these responsibilities to line managers. To ensure that line managers are effective in their […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Implement a Skill Management System

5 Reasons Why You Should Implement a Skills Management System

The skills, competencies, and abilities of your employees are critical to the success factor your company is aiming for. Acquiring the knowledge & information about your employees is a significant task every company should plan for in the initial process. Having information on their skills, strengths, and weaknesses will put the managers in an advantageous […]

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Competency Framework

7 Pain Points to Avoid When Implementing Competency Framework

Competency Framework has many advantages in aiding HR to manage talent effectively across the organization. Competency management enables firms to better manage their employees’ knowledge & skills, resulting in additional possibilities for learning and advancement. It has a favorable impact on your recruitment and personnel retention efforts. Competency Framework provides employees with a description of […]

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Competency Framework: Making It Relevant for Your Company

Competency Framework – Making It Relevant for Your Company

Β When designing a competency framework, this should be kept in mind that only measurable components are to be considered. It’s critical to keep the quantity and complexity of competencies under control, with no more than 12 for any given role (ideally fewer), and clustering them to make the framework more user-friendly. Definitions and examples of […]

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Competency Model

Competency Model : When Best to Start?

πŸš€  Should growing company invest in competency model to optimize their people development to prepare for their next stage of business growth? Our thoughts… Invest only when there’s willingness from the business to integrate the competency model with existing HR process to drive tangible outcome. Areas that typically require tremendous change to make this work;πŸ”‘ […]